Windmill Dental Practice, Southwick.

The Windmill Dental Practice, is a private dental practice in Southwick, Brighton and was established over forty years ago. Andrew Whitehouse took over the practice in March 2003.

Our philosophy on dentistry is focused on prevention rather than cure, with the aim that our patients will keep their own teeth for as long as possible by avoiding gum disease in the first place. We feel our patients should be happy with their teeth, so we work with all aspects of cosmetic dentistry from tooth whitening to dental implants and other aspects of smile design.

We have 2 practicing dentists who have developed experience in all aspects of dental care, but in certain cases we may refer patients to colleagues who have special skills in certain types of treatment such as tooth straightening (orthodontics) and dental implants.
Further to Andrew’s philosophy of prevention in dentistry, he has a hygenist working alongside him at Windmill Brighton dentists who are keen to show how preventative care can save your teeth and prevent gum disease and false teeth (dentures).
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