Nicky came to see me regarding the possibilities of straightening her upper front teeth. After a full history and examination, a plan was agreed to-

  1. Align the upper front teeth, in house, using a well researched and tested aligner system called The Inman Aligner.
  2. Whiten all the teeth using a safe and effective home bleaching kit prepared at the surgery.
  3. Prepare and provide a ceramic veneer to colour match the discoloured upper left central incisor. After impressions were taken of both arches the upper aligner was fitted and the teeth contacts were gently polished to allow the incisors to slowly move past each other into a good position. Nicky did really well wearing her appliance for up to 20 hours a day and she followed all instructions given to her. Reviews were carried out every 3 weeks.

Our hygienist Emma Smith, helped the gum condition by scaling and polishing any stains and tartar from around the gum margins. Nicky also spent longer cleaning and more care with her interdental brushes.

After 5 months the teeth were well aligned and lighter and brighter in colour, photographs were taken.

A final fixed wire retainer was bonded at the back of the upper teeth to prevent any relapse in the future.

The upper left central tooth was gently prepared and a colour matched ceramic veneer placed to blend in with the new whiter smile.

Nicky carried on with a follow up visit to check all was well and further sessions with the hygienist were booked. The treatment time was 8 months altogether and Nicky was delighted with her result. We, as team, felt great pride and satisfaction helping her to achieve a great result after she had been so unhappy with her smile for so long. It’s a joy to see her when she returns for recalls.



"Definite valid investment. I would pay double for the results I got because I'm so happy."