Exciting new products coming our way

October 28, 2015

Steven and Emma are back at the windmill dental practice today after a busy weekend working on the Philips stand at the dental show case at Birmingham NEC.


Steven spent his time there demonstrating the new tongue care + heads for the Philips sonic air brushes, this new head is designed to help clean and remove bacteria that lie in the papillae of the tongue. We recommend using the tongue care + head with the Breath RX tongue spray. This contains Zinc which helps to stop the formation of the bacteria’s that cause bad breath. Combining both the head and tongue spray together your mouth is left feeling fresh and the feeling of bad breath is greatly reduced.

He was also working with working Emma in one of the two booths on the stand assisting her demonstrating the new Philips Quick Pro Whitening kit. This kit is a 4 day 4 tooth shade improvement take home kit for patients. The kit consists of cheek retractors (to allow easy application for the patients), hydrogen peroxide gel and a sealing gel. Patients apply the first gel (hydrogen peroxide) with a brush to all front surfaces of the teeth. Once allowed to dry for ten seconds, they then apply a second sealant layer over the top of this layer which acts as a varnish. After 30 minutes patients simply wipe away the coating with a tissue and repeat this twice a day for 4 days.

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Andrew visited the show on Saturday where he had the chance to try these new products himself. He currently 2 days in to Philips Quick Pro Whitening and has already started to notice the colour change in his teeth.


The tongue care +, RX tongue spray and Philips Quick Pro Whitening kit will all be available here at the Windmill Dental Practice in the next few weeks, so keep your eye out for more information coming soon !

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