Air abrasion

A quicker and gentler alternative to drilling

If you aren’t a fan of the drills and needles, we can offer you an alternative to drilling which reduces the need for injections. Air abrasion dentistry is a gentler, less traumatic way of removing decay, which removes less of the healthy area of the tooth than drilling and causes far less discomfort. The procedure can often be done without anaesthetic, which makes it quicker and means your dentist can often work on several teeth in one visit, if necessary.

Do you find dental drilling traumatic?

How air abrasion works

Air abrasion uses a very fine abrasive stream of air mixed with small particles of sodium bicarbonate, silica or aluminium oxide to gently spray away the decayed area of the tooth. The spray is very accurate, meaning more of the healthy area of the tooth is left intact than with conventional drilling. Drilling can also cause microscopic fractures and chips in the tooth which can undermine the structure of the tooth and lead to further decay. This is not the case with air abrasion.

Ait abrasion is comfortable, quick and pain-free

When air abrasion is used

Air abrasion is particularly suitable for children, or people who are nervous of dentistry. It is best used on teeth with a minimum of decay, and is not recommended for deeper cavities which are close to the root canal. Talk to us if you think you or your child would prefer air abrasion to normal dental drilling.

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