Stop snoring

Stop snoring with TheraSnore™

At Windmill Dental Practice, we can even help you to stop snoring. Snoring is a huge problem for many people, and it is often our loved ones who suffer most. The TheraSnore™ can help you to overcome this problem, giving you and your family a better night’s sleep.

Does snoring keep you awake?

The TheraSnore™ is a small device, similar to a mouthguard, which is worn at night. It keeps the airways open while you are lying down, allowing you to breathe more easily during sleep. 92% of people who have tried it  have found it to successfully prevent snoring.


TheraSnore™ is a painless and comfortable way to prevent snoring, and causes no permanent changes to your body. Fitting and adjusting  is quick and easy, and can usually be done in one visit.

If snoring is having a negative effect on you and your loved ones, talk to us today about fitting the TheraSnore™.

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