Do you suffer from unexplained pain in the ears, face, head, neck, shoulders or back? Do you sometimes have dizzy spells without knowing why? Believe it or not, these symptoms could all stem from problems in your jaw. If this is the case, we can help.

Treating jaw problems

There are several ways of treating malocclusion and jaw problems, depending on how badly and in what way the teeth are misaligned. Orthodontic treatment orcrowns may be required to help the teeth fit together more comfortably. Occlusal equilibration involves reshaping the tops of teeth to help them fit together more comfortably and reduce pressure on individual teeth.

In some cases, occlusal restoration may be required. This involves replacing or reconstructing teeth, as well as reshaping the edges of teeth, to achieve a better fit. Whatever treatment is required, you will find that afterwards the pain will be eliminated, as pressure on the joints and muscles of your jaw are reduced and your mouth can relax.


  • Reduces head aches
  • Improves joint and muscle pain
  • Increases range of motion
  • Freedom to Eat What You want
  • Improve overall mood and well being